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You are looking in the mirror and don't feel anything or you just avoid looking at all. The longing and desire to feel love, gratitude and connection to your body.

I know the feeling when you are numb in your body. When you look in the mirror and you just don't FEEL anything.

💛 You wish that you could just love your body you have, but the hate runs so deep.

💛 You wish you could truly feel connected to your body, but you are not sure if it can ever truly happen. 

If you are anything like me, you may feel all or some of these....

🗝️ You can't stop the racing negative thoughts running through your mind.

🗝️ You can't stop thinking about if others are judging you

🗝️ You feel like you can't get off the couch and wonder if there is even a point anymore to try

🗝️ You are googling how to best love yourself and your body in a world that makes money off of how much you hate yours.

🗝️ You are scrambled, not sure where to turn, what product to get and the tears in your eyes day in and out are making your eyes red and puffy and even more frustrated.
🗝️ You are wondering how to connect to your body when it's easier for you to let others touch and connect to her first.




I get it babe, I've been there.

And I know the way to feel better is

🌟Reconnecting to your body

🌟Finding pleasure that makes your body sing

🌟Unlearning what we have been taught as women for years and years

🌟Reframe and build new path ways to positive thoughts

🌟Healing trauma and moving energy through the body

🌟Building an intimate and sensual relationship with YOU

You are ready and want to return to loving your body, FEELing amazing in your body and love you have been there once before. 

And you may not even remember the last time you loved you and your body. But you have been there..


🔥 In complete awe of your body as you move and sway and view your body in the mirror. 

🔥 Fully connected, listening to when your body is tired and need rest, trusting and honoring her in your body's truth

🔥 Trusting your body's wisdom and intuition as you feel the full sense of "is this right for me" energy

🔥 Deeply and unconditionally in love with you and your body

It is your birthright to love yourself and your body unconditionally. And yet we are taught to love ourselves only with conditions and to love others unconditionally.

Sister, you are here to thrive in your beautiful temple, your body. 


And sister you deserve to sit with yourself and truly FEEL
And At home in your body.
It is radical self love to reconnect with your body and temple.
It is revolutionary to love your body right now

If you are hearing the whispers of your body to come back home….It’s time Beautiful.

Our bodies are here to be loved and connected to just as much as your soul. When we allow ourselves to be reconnected and honor our bodies, we open up ourselves to FEEL even more pleasure, love and truth. I am ready to love on you until you love on yourself. Let's Begin the Journey Home.

The journey home


  • 6 months together with (3) 1 hour zoom session a month with me to understand where and why you are stuck in your body and how you can reconnect with her to feel more at home and in love with yourself and your body.
  • Telegram app coaching for additional assistance to help you move through any emotions and questions that come up between our calls and for continued custom creations.

Are you ready to Journey Home?

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I'm in!!!
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