I'm April ROSE

Most would describe me as a mother, wife, and small business owner. AND in reality, I am so much more than that. 

And so are you!

Capitalism and society has tried to put us in boxes based on our looks, but that doesn't mean we need to stay there. 

So Let's break free sister

From who they think we should be and start living the fulfilling, reconnected and loving life we deserve.

Join me

On a shameless journey of self-love, body relationship, reconnection and unapologetic confidence. 



I can't tell you how many times I had tears streaming down my face every time I looked in the mirror. The pain stung twice as hard when I would put something on that didn't fit quiet right..

My anxiety and depression grew and grew. And with that so did my self-hatred and loathing. I could not be my truest self when my body did me wrong!

Instead I hid. I hid from people. I skipped most normal events. I never went to a single prom in high school. I picked my wedding dress to get out of there without crying. I hid from myself. I did not want to keep seeing this in the mirror every day.  I hid behind the camera taking the pictures not wanting to be seen. I hid behind IG and snapchat filters hoping one day those would just magically make it all better. ‚Äč

I always hoped that I would be able to find love for myself and my body, but truthfully, I never thought it would happen. I spent most of my adult life trying to change my body, trying to be the person everyone wanted me to be, to speak the things people wanted to hear, to have the body society and capitalism wanted me to have.

Until one day, I choose me and made the decision that I matter too even when I didn't feel enough. A year of self discovery and love brought me to my knees at times and had me jumping for joy. It took alot of experimenting trying to remember what actually made ME happy. And it took alot of UNLEARNING about what it truly means to FEEL beautiful and connected to my body.  

I stepped back and realized I accidentally fell in love with myself and my body. At that point I knew I had to share it. How can I not, when there are so many women who have felt similar things.  That is why I am so passionate to help all women love themselves and their bodies fully just the way you are!


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Loving yourself and your body is a choice. The most beautiful rebellious choice in todays world!


Self hatred is man made. You deserve to love yourself and your body as you are!


Your body loves you and wants your trust. In return she will speak her wisdom to you.

Beautiful, You were born with pure LOVE. For others AND for YOURSELF. The self-hatred was taught, maybe by your mother, by relatives, ancestral trauma, society... The hatred wasn't always there. YOU get to decide. And it's rebellious AF in a world that wants to make money off you hating your body. But sister, your body holds so much wisdom and reconnecting to my body was the greatest gift that I not only gave myself, but I gave to my family.

                                   Xoxo, aprilROSE 

Client Testimonials

"Love Yourself Sexy is a totally enjoyable class, where you can learn to love and appreciate your own body for who she is. April has the most gentle, warm, supportive, caring, meaningful approach to teaching women to love their bodies. And she creates a safe, comfortable space for women to express their voices and be themselves. It is such a fun course and I'm glad I took it"

Ellen Schor

"Love Yourself Sexy was unlink any course I have ever taken before, and I've taken quite a few! Even,though it was a group course, it was genuinely tailored to each of the women in the course. We all had opportunities to integrate and speak about our life experiences so that the course material was applicable to each of us in the most special way. I came to this course having some prior knowledge about self-love, self-care, and mindfulness practices.. however, what April has done for me with this course is taught me some real-life implementation techniques for how to love me when I forget and in the moments when it's where I really need. As for how my body feels now, I feel more connected to her, to have a deeper appreciation for her! What I have learned in this course, and I mean truly learned and internalized, is that nothing about my body needs to change. When you really, really, feel and believe it, it makes a difference in your every day life."

 Deahna Byrd-Taylor

Ready to reconnect to your body and love yourself like never before?

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